NordWest Guest House is located in the very center of St. Petersburg, in a historical building with a rich history at the end of the 19th century - in the house on Vosstaniya Street, 13. In the second half of the 18th century, the site where the even side of the lane now lies belonged to the favorite of Elizabeth Petrovna, Count I. I. Shuvalov. In 1779, part of this site was transferred to Kolezha assessor Kozlova, where she built a stone two-story house. In 1788 she sold the house to the official Dyakova, and in 1792 she sold it to the merchant P.E. Gusev. Per.

In 1804-1808 plot on the corner of Znamenskaya st. and Gusev per. (now - Ulyana Gromova Lane) belonged to the architect Ivan Egorovich Starov. At that time there was a two-story house with a small garden, an utility outbuilding went onto the lane. The building was erected in the second half of the 18th century. 1860-1870s. the owner of the house is a doctor of medicine, obstetrician Georgy Dmitrievich Lutsky.

In 1882, the new owner of the house, engineer-lieutenant colonel V. A. Bogdanovich and arch. P.I. Shestov rebuilt the corner of the house. After the reconstruction, the house became a four-story building with a poorly expressed facade.
In 1898, the house was sold to a retired lieutenant of the Guards crew, entrepreneur I.N. Velichko. In the years 1899-1900. the military engineer V.P. Statsenko built on one floor the left side of the four-story building with a bay window at the corner of Gusev per. and built a five-story outbuilding in the yard.

Front door repair, part of the lost balusters, molding, front door made by the efforts of the residents of the house. In particular, Morevym S. and Zurabyan P. For information, we thank the architectural site of St. Petersburg citywalls.ru!